Message from the President

Since our foundation in 1970, GH Craft has gone through one challenge after another all the time. However, thanks to these engineering challenges and our demanding customers who knows to appreciate our professionalism, our company has grown to what we present today proudly as a GH Craft. Therefore, I would like to thank all of our customers for their continuing support.

While we originally made our own products designing and manufacturing racing yachts, crafts and various vehicles, since then we have completed many projects from the automotive, naval and aerospace industries.

In 2005, our desire to manufacture our own products again became reality when we were granted for research program status by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) in order to develop wind power generators. Our decision was to develop 10kw ducted wind turbines so we can enter into wind power business, and our granted research program has just ended at the end of March, 2007. Now we are ready to present to the market our wind turbines.

Quoting the former US Vice President Al Gore from his ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ awarded feature, we also believe the truth is that our global society in 21st century is entering into crisis. Is it really good for the society to keep continuing to grow at the extended speed of 20th century in the industrial activities and manufacturing?

I would like to ask you again. Can we continue to consume energy like we have done in the last century for civilized life and economical growth?

We think it is time to end the industrial production and economical activities that only think for short-term profits yet can not even keep up with their pledges from Kyoto Accord for reducing CO2 plan.

It is a drop in the ocean for a small company like us to introduce to the global market 10kW wind turbines in 2007, but we are continuing to develop and we prepare a new 3kW version for 2008. We would like to combine these wind turbines with other environmental power units such as photovoltaic modules (PV) i.e. solar panels and create high efficiency hybrid units. Mass-production on the car industry level would enable us to reduce the cost of production and to start generating the energy that would prove to be almost self efficient. We must start to think responsibly about the energy consumption and maintain our global environment and make it sustainable.

Today’s small wind turbine industry is just like the auto car industry about 100 years ago before Henry Ford came up with his famous Model T. It is far from the commercialization in terms of quality, durability, reliability, and the price which is the biggest issue. Therefore, we aim to produce the strongest small wind turbines with our manufacturing capability of structural demanding products known for toughness and reliability that we forged from our customers’ projects experience. Our standard is on the level of modern automobile and airplane industries and it keeps rising together with the future.

Unfortunately, the production of hundreds and a few thousands units each year is far from reducing to the ‘marketable price’ and stays at the current industry level. We can only market it to the client with good intention, social awareness and acceptable price in mind.

We have invested our own development budget hoping to make the best and strongest small wind turbines although currently we have to rely on national level subsidy and assisting programs promoting demand and production system investment. Therefore I would like to ask to give us the unique opportunity to proudly present to you our product and put them for your evaluation.

In addition to the small wind turbines, GH Craft would like to apply our 35 years expertise in advanced composite materials. One of our next challenges is to produce the larger wind turbine blades of next generation. We have already started the prototype of 300kw blades newly designed for a local Japanese customer of the wind turbines (GL standard) and now preparing for serial production of these blades. Such unique opportunity will enable us to understand some additional issues in the medium wind turbine business. We strongly believe that we can bridge between 20th century composite structure and 21st century style product.

We have come to understand the wind power business in depth after developing our first wind turbine system. Wind energy is proportional to the cube of wind speed. When the wind changes from slow to the strong, it introduces it’s violent nature and increased ferociousness and turbulence that it’s very hard for wind turbine manufacturers to cope with. Wind turbines simply need to be developed by using the standards and criteria from automotive and aircraft industry just like GH Craft is doing.

I also believe that carbon fiber composite will become a major structural material in 21st century. By combining this technology, we can overcome today’s issues. While we actively continue to contribute for environment that we all need now, GH Craft will also continue to challenge for developing what will be needed ahead of time applying the most advanced technology and ideas.

We are looking for your continuing support.

Best regards,

Gaku Kimura
President, GH Craft Ltd.

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