GH Craft is a leader in advanced composite technology for aerospace, nautical and land transportation industry.

GH Craft is organized as a group of specialized professional engineers who can shape and design the clientfs specification and product needs using their imagination, innovation and experience utilizing the cutting edge CAD/CAM tools and manufacturing facilities. We make full use of our composite material molding and processing expertise and designing capability of structural products. Our complete line of services includes production of aerodynamic structure and machinery; jig molding; parts production and assembling; structural tests; prototype production; and specific small projects.

Design Engineering:
While we may manufacture parts and products with finalized design, our greatest strength lies in creating something that has not been designed yet. We are challenged for creating and designing something that has not existed before using our expertise and vast experience and also take satisfaction in providing creative solutions for the cutting-edge projects for our customers all over the world.

We excel in the projects with highly demanding specification for aerodynamic and physical strength in structure, detailed mechanism, security, and legal requirements. Given the conventional method, such needs are not usually fulfilled, especially when budget is limited and project time is short. Even in global aerospace and defense industries, they can no longer run the projects without cost consideration. In such market condition, our biggest eproductf is that we have abundant accumulated experiences in providing creative solutions for demanding developments.
We extensively use CAD and CAE tools and digitally mock-up to start up the projects.

Structure Designing, CAE, and Testing:
At GH Craft, we repeatedly analyze structural coordination between interior and exterior design and structural design at the concept design stage using CAE. Using CAD from various digital mock-up models for solid and surface, we analyze the structure in order to create the best fitted form.
Composite materials make it possible to have such flexibility in designing, parts measuring, and form complexity; and this is where our abundant experiences in structural designing and manufacturing become valuable. Our development experiences in land, sea, and aerospace industries became our strength and it is crossing over these industries now.


Once parts composition and layout and plan design are decided, we start designing and producing tools parallel to the progress of structural design. We have wide range of production processes including most advanced autoclave molding, RTM (resin transfer molding) and VARTM (vacuum-assisted RTM), ovens, vacuum bags, and so on. Each process is carefully selected to provide the best solution given accuracy, production volume, and budget requirements. Most advanced facilities in Japan support our designing and crafting.

œCNC machining center. Two sets of 5 axes large machines.
1.    X:3000, Y:2000, Z:1400mm
2.    X:6000, Y:3000, Z:1400mm
œLaser and water jet manufacturing machine
œ3D measuring system: Lay-out machine (mechanical & laser tracking system: 6,000 x 3,000 x 1,800mm)

Large-size Molding Machines with self-heating integration

Composite Manufacturing Autoclave

Composite processing
œAutoclave molding (size: ƒΣ2,500 ~ 6,000mm)

At GH Craft, we try to make small holes of final products as much as possible. Conventionally, composite molding requires over-sized harden products first, and then cutting and finishing them into the specified shapes and taking holes. This method requires product quality control to filler out mal products. GH method, on the other hand, imbeds the quality control in the production process. This not only takes the best advantage of resin molding, but also reduces the steps in the assembling products with complicated form.

Assembling Works

GH Craft not only produces vehicle parts, but we are also capable of carrying out the entire production projects. The process starts with initial meeting with our clients understanding their needs. And then we select the best materials for the projects.  Our analysis extensively uses CAE to create superior structural design. We often create our own tools for these projects, and use advanced composite materials for manufacturing and assembling. We can conduct total structure testing as well. We have experienced many new projects and learned designing and developing cycles. Our originality is based on such abundant experiences. We hope our customers will benefit from our services.

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