Carbon Fiber Composite Wheel Series
16inch Composite Wheel for Solar Cars

Carbon composite wheel corresponding to MICHELIN radial 95/80 R16

Charactics and Features
E Sandwich Construction with aluminum honeycomb core material

E The hub uses aluminum. 

E Weight: 1800g

E Rim/Hub Monocoque Construction

E Wheel is mounted on Mitsuba/NGM DD Motor Center Lock hub

E Compatible Tires: MICHELIN radial 95/80 R16

Please read the text below prior to using or purchasing a wheel from us.
Article No. CFW-S16-94C-2 Honeycomb sandwich construction \175,000- (packing charges , shipping charges not included)
Wheel Drawings Download PDF DXF IGES
Specifications Size 3.00~16 Tubeless type
Wheel Outer Diameter 433.2mm
Offset 23.5mm
Hub Central Diametar 94 8~6 Lock Pin Type P.C.D116
Wheel Weight 1,800g
Air Pressure Resistance 6.0kg/cm2
Designed Wheel Load 100kgf
Compatible Tire MICHELIN radial 95/80 R16

Fig1 exterior
Fig2 Outside image , Inside image
Fig3 partial cross section